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This document is comprised of details extracted by Richard W. Hungerford Jr. (US26 in the Surnames Database) from the Irish Birth, Marriage and Death Vital Record microfilms that he ordered from the Family History Library based on the Family History Library Irish Birth, Marriage and Death Index microfilms.

In other words, Richard used the indexes to locate and get the microfilms showing the actual vital record. The indexes show the Volume and Page of the Irish records from which each vital record could be located. Richard then printed a photocopy of all the Irish Hungerford vital records. He has scanned some of the those photocopies and placed them here in this Library. It is an ongoing project to get them all scanned and placed here.

In the meantime, this document can be used as a temporary substitute for the actual records. The cover page artwork is a scan of a drawing done by the Rev. Jackson.

By way of background, at the Family History Libraries, you can order films and microfiche and they will stay there for a certain period of time. If you pay a larger amount they will be placed on "indefinite loan" at the library.

Richard was an executive board member of the Omaha Irish-American Genealogy Club that met at one of the Family History Library locations in Omaha, Nebraska. He and the other two executive members voted -- with the approval of the rest of the membership after they had decided to disband the group -- that they would spend the group's funds to pay the larger fee needed to keep the Irish Birth, Marriage and Death Index microfilms at the Omaha Family History site indefinitely. An interested party would then need to order the film of that year that would contain the Volume and Page given by the index for a given vital record.

The Index microfilms are still there to this day. It was the group's parting gift to the local genealogists.

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