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This letter continues her flirtatious style with her stepson. A brief synopsis of the high points of the letter: Finally got a chance to write; got home Sat. & found Hensie in bed still sick & Ma has the cold too; my presence is like medicine to them; my niece took me to the theater every night in Baltimore; tired when I got home; I wish I could've seen more of you; you invited me to the inauguration--but I know you wouldn't be there and I would be standing alone; Miss Daly is enjoying herself in Miami; I would like to go down there with you but I'm afraid of waves; Hope Harry will find a nice job--I'm sorry I mentioned the boat job--but I thought it was better than no job; why do you believe you will not live very much longer?; I spent the night w/Miss Susie Dutton while in Wash & all she did was talk abt Mr. Marmaduke & how she loved him--now she lives alone--that would scare me to death; I have $1,000K to invest--anything but Terry and Farrour notes! Ha!

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