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The second letter sent to his son Richard Warren Hungerford, Jr. (US26). Dr. Richard Warren Hungerford (US25) no sooner leaves the U.S. for Vietnam than he gets a letter from his wife informing him that his son has chipped a bone on his wrist. The reviewer of this letter has personal knowledge of this incident as he was the young boy in question. While running near a bus stop, engaged in "horseplay," I fell and hit the curb with my arm. I thought no more about it until it started hurting on the 45 minute ride home. My sister Diane and other friends said I was uncharacteristically quiet on that particular day on the way home from school! My father goes on to describe his new surroundings and discusses a seaplane tender. He knows his son is interested in such things so he draws a picture of the ship. My father then closes the letter with a request that I write.

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