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This document comprises two extracts from the Gloucestershire Notes and Queries, An Illustrated Quarterly Magazine Devoted to the History and Antiquities of Gloucestershire, Vol. IV. 1891-1893. Edited by The Rev. Beaver H. Backer, M.A. (London 1890). The extracts have been transcribed below with links to each individual's profile in the Surnames Database.

The extracts are taken from St. Nicholas’ Church, Bristol: Monumental Inscriptions.–In this church (not including the crypt, which shall be separately noticed) there are thirty-one inscriptions, of which accurate copies* were taken in September, 1888:–
*Passages of Scripture have been omitted, as in similar transcripts.

In the vault near this place | lyeth ye body of Abraham Hungerford, Esqr. | Obiit 1st December, 1723, aged 34 years. | Also Samuel, his son, aged 3 months. | Also | Ann, his wife, daughter of Alderman Wallis, | of this Parish. Obiit 25th February, 1755, | aged 65 years. | Also | Francis Hungerford Brown, grandson | of said Abraham & Ann Hungerford. | Obiit 8th January, 1758, aged 6 years. | Also | here lyeth ye body of Thomas Hungerford, | Gent. Obiit 27th March, 1760, aged 67 years. | Also | the body of Francis Brown, Esqr, who married | Ann, daughter of the above-mentioned | Abraham Hungerford, and died 24th January, | 1770, aged 67 years. | Also the said Ann Brown, who died Febry ye 9th, 1774. | Also Thomas, son of the above Francis | & Ann Brown, who died August 7th, 1772. | Also Rebecca, their daughr, who died November [remainder concealed from view.]

In the same vault is interred the body of | John Daubeny, Esquire, | of the Parish of | Saint Augustine, in this City, | who died the 4th December, 1794, | aged 42 years. | Also | Harriet youngest daughter of the said | John Daubeny, who died the 14th April, 1815, | aged 22 years. | Also | William, youngest son of the said | John Daubeny and Ann, his wife, | died 25th December, 1845, aged 59 years, | and was buried in the vault beneath. | Ann, wife of the above John Daubeny, | eldest daughter of the said Francis Brown | and Ann, his wife, and the last surviving | granddaughter of the said | Abraham Hungerford, | died the 25th November, 1829, | and was buried in the Abbey Church, Bath. | Frances, second daughter of the above | John Daubeny, died the 18th March, 1858, in Bath, | aet. 73 years, and was buried in Lansdown Cemetery. | In the same vault is deposited the body of | Frederick Jones, Esquire, who married | Marianne, eldest daughter of | the said John and Ann Daubeny, | and died the 8th July, 1840, aged 52 years. | He was the youngest and only surviving | child of the late Thomas Jones, | of this City, Merchant, and of Long Cross, | near Cardiff, in the County of Glamorgan, | by Mary, his wife, who is interred | with her said husband in their | family vault in the parish church of | Saint James, in this City. | Also of Marianne, | relict of the above Frederick Jones, | who died the 9th March, 1853.

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