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This document comprises extracts from two volumes of the Gloucestershire Notes and Queries, An Illustrated Quarterly Magazine Devoted to the History and Antiquities of Gloucestershire:

Vol. IV. 1891-1893. Edited by The Rev. Beaver H. Backer, M.A. (London 1890); and

Vol. V. 1891-1893. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., V.C.L. (London 1894)

The extract from Vol. IV. comprises a Query, Query Number 1964. The extract from Vol. V. comprises the Reply to that Query.

The Reply is of particular interest to THFFI because it includes information about Edward Oliver (EN198cspouse1) and Jane Hungerford (EN198c), daughter of Thomas Hungerford (EN198), and their children Ann Oliver (EN646), Katherine Oliver (EN647), Hungerford Oliver (EN644), and Jane Oliver (EN645).

Query 1964 is as follows:

1964.–FERDINAND PENINGTON.–On a gravestone, formerly on the floor at the entrance of the Lady chapel, St. Mary Redcliffe, was this inscription:–M.S. | Bridget Jones, of this City, | Widow, died May the 5th, 1733, aged 70. | Sarah, her daughter, the wife of | William Oliver, died July the | 15, 1741, aged 45. | William Oliver, Merchant, died | August the 22nd, 1746, aged 52. | Sarah, his daughter, and relict | of Ferdinand Penington, Mercht, | died Feb. 25th, 1790, aged 67.

Is anything known of these persons, particularly of Penington? To what family did he belong? When did he die? He was president of the Dolphin Society in 1757. His arms, on a book-late, were, Or five fusils in fess azure; crest, A wild cat, passant, reguardant; and motto, Vincit amor patriae.

The gravestone further bore the names–

Bridget, the wife of Will: Dyer, | died October 4th, 1792, aged 66. | obt 26th Jany, 1805, aged 83.

Long Burton, Sherborne, Dorset. C. H. Mayo.

The extract from Vol. V. 1891-1893. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., V.C.L. (London 1894) comprises the Reply to the foregoing Query and is signed by V. L. Oliver. It commences:

Queries and Replies.
The Oliver Family.
[Reply to No. 1964, Vol. iv., p. 672].

There follows the pedigree of John Oliver, his wife and children (including William Oliver mentioned in the Query), and his grandchildren. The entry for Edward Oliver, Jane Hungerford, and their children follows:

II. EDWARD OLIVER, of Bristol, ironmonger, owned lands at Musbury, Devon. Will dated 8 Dec., 1744; proved 2 June, 1746 [187 Edmunds]. Married Jane (EN198c), daughter of Thomas Hungerford (EN198), of Yatton, co. Somerset. Her will proved 1772, P.C.C., [375 Taverner,] and had issue: –
i. Hungerford Oliver (EN644), his successor, of whom below, III.
ii. Jane (EN645), married John Powell.
iii. Ann (EN646).
iv. Katherine (EN647), married Henry Morgan.

III. HUNGERFORD OLIVER (EN644), of Old Swindford Grange, co. Worcester, aet. 21 on 12 Feb., 1761; died 22 Sep., 1807; married Prudence (EN644spouse1), daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Milward, of Wollescote Manor, and of the Inner Temple, and had issue, besides four other daughters who died unmarried: –
i. Edward Milward Oliver (EN648), his successor, of whom below.
ii. Thomas Milward Oliver (EN649), of Burslem, surgeon.
iii. Jane (EN644b), married Henry Burbach, of co. Leicester.
iv. Prudence (EN644a), married Rev. Matthew Booker, Vicar of Hitchen, co. Bucks. He died 20 May, 1817, at Lye, near Stourbridge.

IV. EDWARD MILWARD OLIVER (EN648), of Wollescote, m. at St. George’s, Hanover Square, 30 march, 1787, Ann, daughter of Joseph Harper, of Calthorpe, co. Leicester. She died at the Heath, Stourbridge, 2 Nov., 1843, aet. 82. They had issue: –
i. Edward Milward Oliver (EN650), of Wollescote House, and later of the Brake, Hagley, in 1874.
ii. Thomas Milward (EN652), Capt. 58th Regt, bachelor, died before 1874.
iii. Maria Ann (EN648a), married, 1823, William Davis, of Grimsend, co. Worcester.

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