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This is a three page, hand written letter dated 29 May 1975 from Wanda Hungerford, wife of James B. Hungerford to Stanley W. Hungerford. The letter contains a significant amount of interesting biographical information as well as the following interesting comments:

"According to the scant information I have been able to get from Marie & Mary (widows of Charley and Milo), Benjamin J. came to Kansas from Iowa and was born in England. Anna (B. J.'s wife) had brothers & sisters in Sheffield, Illinois, so they think she came from there. However, they emphasized they were not certain of any of the above, so it is not very reliable information."

The letter is accompanied by a three page, hand written list of people, dates, and places as well as biographical information. That list includes information for all of the above individuals as well as other persons in the immediate family.

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