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This document is an index prepared by Lesley Jane Abrahams. She is a member of the Hungerford & Associated Families Society, Inc. located in Australia. This is her description:

Jackson Papers. Index to The Hungerford Family: Collections for their Personal History (P.H.) In 4 volumes, 1885; and The Hungerford Family. A Register of the Places with which they were connected … (P). In 4 volumes. 1885. (The Research papers of Canon J.E. Jackson, M.A. F.S.A., relating to the Hungerford Family). and Farleigh Hungerford - Manuscripts (M). 1885. In 2 volumes. [DZSWS:MSS:4132.1, & 4132.2]. [DZSWS: numbers refer to accession numbers at Wiltshire Museum, Devizes, England]

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