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Winifred Marjorie Wagner (née Williams; 23 June 1897 – 5 March 1980) was the English-born wife of Siegfried Wagner, the son of Richard Wagner, and ran the Bayreuth Festival after her husband's death in 1930 until the end of World War II in 1945. In this letter Winifred is thanking Bruce for the birthday wishes he sent her. Winifred mentions Bruce's "disk" describing his slide photos of Egypt and she quips that Bruce "must be glad" that his lecture tour about his experiences is over. Winifred then expresses her happiness at hearing he will play four concerts in Vienna next year and adds that he should let her know if he does any in Germany as she would certainly attend them. She goes on to share some comments about how the weather is affecting artists preparing for what this researcher assumes is the Festival she used to run.

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