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This document is a copy of Craik, George L. and MacFarlane, Charles, The Pictorial History of England: Being A History of the People, as Well as a History of the Kingdom, Volume II (New York 1847).

This book contains the following passage at page 28 pertaining to Walter, Lord Hungerford (EN8):

“As the king passed one of the divisions, he heard a brave officer, Walter Hungerford, expressing a wish that some of the gallant knights and stout archers who were living in idleness in merry Eng-land could be present on this field. “No!” exclaimed Henry, “I would not have a single man more. If God gives us the victory, the fewer we are the more honor; and, if we lose, the less will be the loss to our country. But we will not lose; fight as you were wont to do, and before night the pride of our numberless enemies shall be humbled to the dust.”

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