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This document is a copy of a four page hand written letter dated 14 Aug 1967 [sic] that Elsie G. Turner (Mrs. H. Haydn Hungerford) (SH1061spouse1) wrote to Stanley W. Hungerford. The document includes a copy of the envelope in which that letter was enclosed. The envelope shows a post mark of 15 Aug 1975 and the letter itself references dates in 1975. Consequently, the 1967 year in which the letter is dated clearly is a mistake.

An invitation to her daughter Dottie's (SH1060b) graduation party from American University on July 20th and directions to the location of the party were enclosed with the letter and are included in this document.

The letter is "chatty" and provides little information about Hungerford's except to mention the birthdays of her children and their ages on those birthdays in 1975.

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