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This document is a three page hand written letter dated 15 Oct 1975 that Norman Harold Hungerford (USUS1201) wrote to Stanley W. Hungerford. It is accompanied by the envelope in which the letter was mailed.

Norman wrote about his brother, John A. Hungerford, living in Fullerton, California, provides John's date of birth and year of marriage, and says that John has two daughters and five grandchildren but does not give us any names or dates. John continues by stating the date and place of his birth as well as of his marriage and telling us that he has three daughters (one living in Paris) and four grandchildren. He also provides the dates and places of his father's birth and death.

Regarding his father, he states: "Our father, Arthur D. Hungerford, the middle plain D, it was give [sic] to him supposidly [sic] by his grand father Daniel Hungerford, I believe in England at the time."

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