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Nancy M. Hulgrave (UNUS2986spouse1) works for CNBC and this transcript was recently released. The interview was first broadcast on CNBC's Capital connections on 14 Sep 2018.

Peter A. Wuffli (born 26 October 1957) is a Swiss businessman who was appointed president and chief executive officer of UBS AG in December 2001 after serving as the chief executive of UBS Asset Management and the company's chief financial officer. He is also Chairman of the Board of Partners Group Holding, a Board member of the Zurich Opera House, member of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Board of IMD International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne.

Partners Group is a global private markets investment manager, serving over 850 institutional investors.

Nancy interviews him to get his views on the current economic situation and how Partners Group will thrive in the private markets environment.

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