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This is a list of ID #s for Hungerford family members who originated in Ireland and spread throughout the world with most of them being found today in Australia. The numbering scheme starts with IR286 which is the first Irish Hungerford family member not documented by Stanley Hungerford in his genealogy.*

As with the United States Hungerford family, there are Hungerford and associated individuals who have not yet been connected to the "published" lines. They are denoted with the "UNIR" designation on the ID#. Once they are placed into the "published lines" via research, they will acquire an "IR" number. An annotation will then be placed next to the old and new number to assist in identification later on, if need be, with some item or document that previously had been labelled with the old ID#.

This list is updated continually.

*"A Summary Of The Families Hungerford, Descendants of Thomas of Connecticut, 2nd edition, 1980, (second printing - 1982), Including A Brief History of the Hungerford Family In England from the 12th Century, And Descendants of: Thomas of Ireland, William of Maryland, and Thomas of Maryland." (FHL Microfiche #6088572.)

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