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This list does not contain the "SH" ID #s--they are found in Stanley W. Hungerford's genealogy.* The SH ID #s go from SH1 to SH1621 and are found only in the book. This database was built to add, continue and correct his genealogy.

The "US" numbers are any "Daughter's Families" that Stanley Hungerford documented plus additional family members who either are a continuation of the "SH" lines or were missed by Stanley. The "UNUS" and "M" lines are meant to be temporary and document those individuals or lines that have not yet been linked to the "published" lines. The "M" line was created after the 10 digit limitations of PAF for the ID # space made it necessary to cut back on the alpha characters of UNUS to facilitate the newest unlinked additions being found. The "M" tentatively means "modern" as most new discoveries of this kind are more recent family members.

The "MD" and "VA" lines start where the Stanley genealogy left off. For the MD (Maryland) families, that is MD65 and for the VA (Virginia) families, that is VA101. Also documented, are the Black families that do start at B1 as well as the unique LM line (taken from the Linda Marullo Hungerford Genealogy--which probably is part of the VA line but there are no male VA family subjects to test) that also start with LM1. There are also some Hungerford family members who claim to come from Germany. I don't know if they are related to the English family or not. There is doubt whether they truly come from Germany. (More probable is the errors in census-taking or just lack of knowledge regarding origins and probable claiming German heritage because the name sounds German). There are less than 20 names in this category as of the date of this writing in November, 2015.

Towards the end of the list are the companies, things, places and fictional Hungerford character ID #s. This list was created to assist the genealogist in navigating through ID #s that may have been updated from "UNUS" to "US." If you see an ID # noted elsewhere and attempt to look it up in the Surname Database and don't find it, it may have changed due to subsequent research. You can search for either number and this list will tell you the new ID # in the event that it did change.

This list is supplemented and updated continually.

*"A Summary Of The Families Hungerford, Descendants of Thomas of Connecticut, 2nd edition, 1980, (second printing - 1982), Including A Brief History of the Hungerford Family In England from the 12th Century, And Descendants of: Thomas of Ireland, William of Maryland, and Thomas of Maryland." (FHL Microfiche #6088572).

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