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This document is comprised of a one page, typewritten cover letter dated 21 May 1975 from Mrs. Lester B. (Eileen) Hungerford to Stanley W. Hungerford, a hand written family group sheet for Lester Bailie Hungerford, and a hand written supplementary page about their three children and two grandchildren.

The family group sheet lists Lester Bailie Hungerford's father Earl Cardinal Hungerford and mother Alice Bailie. It also lists Eileen's maiden name ((Mary) Eileen Regan) and the names of her father James H. Regan and mother Alice A. DeMuth.

Their children Carole Hungerford, Alice Marie Hungerford, and Leslie Ann Hungerford are also listed along with the names of Carole's and Leslie Ann's spouses (Lee Roy Miracle and Richard N. Brost respectively) as well as the dates and locations of their marriages.

The supplementary page provides biographical information about Lester and all three children as well as the dates of birth of Carole's two children, Carrie Lynne Miracle and Wendy Louise Miracle.

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