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This document is a copy of the Calendar of the Patent Rolls, Volume XIV, King Edward III, 41 Edward III-Part II through 44 Edward III-Part II, A.D. 1367 through 1370. It was published originally in 1913 on behalf of the Public Record Office. It was reprinted in 1971 by authority of controller of Her Britannic Majesty's Stationery Office, London by Kraus Reprint, a Division of Kraus-Thomson Organization Limited.

The document contains entries for Robert de Hungerford (EN1191), justice in eyre for the pleas of the forest in the forest of Heny; Thomas Hungerford (EN5) or Thomas de Hungerford (EN5), commissioner; Thomas Hungerford or Thomas de Hungerford, under-constable of Wallingford castle; Peter (EN7), son of Thomas (EN5); Thomas (EN6), son of Thomas (EN5); William de Hungerford (UNEN623), buyer for the kitchen of the king's household, and William de Hungerford (UNEN624), yeoman and buyer for the king's household.

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