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This is a one page, hand written letter dated 19 May 1975 written by George Clarence Hungerford to Stanley W. Hungerford on the back of Stanley's letter of inquiry. It is accompanied by a one page, hand written list of names and dates.

The writer indicates that he does not know much about his paternal ancestry since his father and mother were separated in his infancy (1910) and he was raised by his mother.

Interestingly, he states that "Frank Edward [apparently Franklin Henry Hungerford] and Ida (?) [apparently Ida Ann Deal] migrated from Germany and settled in Michigan State, leaving Germany under the name Hungerfordt." That assertion appears to be mistaken.

The supplemental page contains a rough family group sheet for "Myron or Freborn" [apparently Laben L. Hungerford], listing the following children in the following order (with his spelling retained): Myron, Jr., Freborn, Amanda, Frank, Orson, and Nelson.

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