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This is a portion of the eBay seller's description of the letter: 1817 MH Turnbull justifies sentence on seamen of ship Hungerford East India Co era. 1817 M.H. Turnbull, Register of Nizamut Adawlut at Fort William directing this letter particularly to the 2nd Judge and 4th Judge of Calcutta Suburbs Court of Circuit, justifies the sentence passed by Mr. Eliot, Joint Magistrate on seamen (Laskar) of ship Hungerford for starting arson and explains that they are not to be fettered and not even an iron ring to be put on their legs and they have completed sentence of six months and are waiting for fine of Sicca Rs.100 to be deposited for their release. Nizamat Adawlut or courts are Alipore, Dacca, Moorshidabad, Patna, Benares and Bareilly courts and Supreme Court is the Calcutta Court for Europeans and Calcutta inhabitants, all under the same jurisdiction of Fort William. Sentences passed by Magistrates and Circuit courts had to be referred to Nizamut Court, for modification if necessary. Court for Relief of Insolvent debtors is a wing of Calcutta Supreme Court. You can see the full letter here.

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