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This is a one page, hand written letter dated 18 May 1975 from Charles William Hungerford to Stanley W. Hungerford. He provides provides his date of birth and the date of his marriage to Linda Joy Londborg.

He appended a hand written page listing the following names (and their addresses) of Hungerfords taken from "1975 Am Inst Chem E's:" Hungerford, F., Titusville, FL; Hungerford, R.C., Sunnyvale, CA; and Hungerford, William B., Westfield, N.J.

He also listed on that page the following names (and their addresses) of Hungerfords who signed the church registry in Hungerford, England in the year noted: 1968: Courtland L. Hungerford, Akron, OH and Harris R. Hungerford and his wife Victoria C., Newburg, MD; 1962: Veronica Hungerford-Berret, Essex, England; 1964: Joel Hungerford and his wife Valerie, N.H.; 1965: Robert B. Hungerford, Glens Falls, N.Y.; 1966: Anthony Hungerford, Tunbinudky, KT.

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