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This book is the first and only listing of the descendants of John Leigh (Lee) and Anne Hungerford (SHa). Anne very likely is the sister of Thomas Hungerford (SH1), the patriarch of Hungerford descendants in the United States. As such, Anne is the matriarch of another line of Hungerford descendants in the United States. Between the two of them, therefore, all Hungerford descendants in the United States, with the possible exception of the Virginia, Louisiana, African-American and Irish Hungerfords, descend from their father, a person who has not been identified with any confidence as of the time of this writing (December, 2017).

A letter dated November 2, 1657 that Thomas wrote to Anne Lee is documentation of that relationship and has been placed here in the Library.

There are several sections that are omitted from this copy of the book comprising pages 1 through 59 -- the English Lees and another family that do not pertain to the John & Anne (Hungerford) Leigh line of descent. Consequently, the main text of the book in this copy commences with page 60.

There are 3 Appendices at the end:

  • Appendix A starts out with some thoughts from the compiler that are similar to those expressed by the initial creators of THFFI to this effect: there should be a database to which others can refer in the future; it probably will have medical value in a predictive way; and it should be kept up, corrected and new data added. The compiler then offers interesting facts about the individuals from this family.

  • Appendix B talks about a surname that became a first name for the Lee family.

  • Appendix C is a short tip of the hat to the fellow who collected all sorts of letters and family material that helped the compiler create this genealogy.

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