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This undated hand written response by Lucille (Rupp) Hungerford, (UNUS185wif in the Surnames database) to Stanley W. Hungerford's letter of inquiry is written on the reverse side of his letter addressed to Lucille Hungerford. While the response is undated, the envelope in which it was mailed is postmarked 124 March 1976.

The letter is not correspondence, per se, but rather is a short list of people and dates: Thomas Luther Hungerford, his wife Laura Belle Brown, and their children Millard, Millard's wife Sophia Bauer and child Millard, Jr., Glenn Hungerford and his wife Lucille Rupp , and Mary Ruth "Ruth" (Hungerford) Ellington and her children Robert, Dan and Michael.

Lucille ends with: "No relation: Richard L. Hungerford, 22317 Susanna Ave., Torrance, California 50505 - from Nebraska." He probably is US51 in the Surnames database (she seems to have gotten the middle initial wrong).

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