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This document is comprised of 48 pages and two scans of the large envelope in which it was mailed -

1. a one page hand written letter dated 12 December 1975 and written by John Hungerford to Stanley W. Hungerford,
2. a one page hand written note,
3. a one page hand written summary of the people in his family,
4. copies of three (3) pages from the family bible,
5. two (2) pages of hand written family groups (small handwriting with many families included),
6. a fourteen (14) page typewritten history of the Hungerford ancestry of this family,
7. a two (2) page typewritten extract from a 21 September 1874 letter from Miss Mary Hungerford to E. C. Hungerford, and
8. a twenty-two (22) page typewritten summary of one branch of the family commencing with David Hungerford, son of Thomas 3d and grandson of Thomas 2d.

Names in these documents include: John Hungerford, Robert Ira Hungerford, Elizabeth Jane, Hulda Hanson Hungerford, Marian Elizabeth Hungerford, Christie Carol Hungerford, Robert (Rob) Hanson Hungerford, Eric Edward Hungerford, John Thomas Hungerford, Nancy Jean Hungerford, Paul Scott Hungerford, Ben Gene Hungerford, Andy Dean Hungerford, Scott Caldwell, Roxanne Stark, Robert Hungerford, Huldah Hungerford, Edward C. Hungerford, Susan D. Hungerford, Robert Abbott Hungerford, Joseph Ely Hungerford, Nancy Louisa Hungerford, Deborah Church Hungerford, Sophia Anderson Hungerford, Richard Ely Hungerford, Joseph William Hungerford, Sarah Warner, Henry Warner, Rebecca Ely Hungerford, Elijah Day, Robert Elijah Day, Harriet Green, Norman Day, Eliza Boies, Sarah Maria Day, Edwin Gates, Albert Day, Katy Webb, Almond Day, Augusta Brockway, Matilda Day, Joseph Brockway, William H. Day, Jane Rogers (divorced), Sarah Bigelow Skinner, Hanson Williams, Samuel Williams, Loren Williams, Robbins Williams, Henry Williams, Maria Williams, Ralph Williams, Marshall Williams, Warren Ackley Skinner, Diantha Skinner, Carpenter, Samuel Skinner, Niles, Ruth Ann Skinner, Markham, Henry Skinner, John Skinner, Rosanna Skinner, Warren Skinner, Lyman Skinner, Mary Skinner, Asahel Skinner, Marianne Skinner, Johnathan Williams, Sally Skinner, Starr, R. Henry Skinner, Roxana Staples, Anna Gillette Skinner, Lewis Lawrence, Charlotte Anne Lawrence, Charles Barnard, Lewis Henry Lawrence, Lizzie Norton, Thomas Hungerford, Sarah Hungerford, Hannah Hungerford, Mary Green, John Hungerford, Thomas Hungerford, Green Hungerford, Deborah Spencer, Robert Hungerford, Thomas Hungerford, Joseph Hungerford, Robert Hungerford, Grace Holmes, John Hungerford, Zeckanah Hungerford, Robert Hungerford, Elijah Hungerford, Deborah Hungerford, Silence Hungerford, Anna Hungerford, Zachariah, Elizabeth, John Hungerford, Lovice Warner, Johnathan Warner, Robert Hungerford, Olive Ely, Joseph Ely, Joseph Ely, William Ely, Lovice Ely, Ansel Ely, Asa Ely, Richard Ely, Rebecca Ely, Huldah B. Skinner, Ely Hungerford, Nancy Anderson, William Hungerford, Louise Hungerford, Ansel Hungerford, Asa Hungerford, Eliza Palmer, Richard Hungerford, Ansel Hungerford, Eleanor Louisa Day, Rebecca Ely Hungerford, Elijah Day, Robert Hungerford, Louise Warner, Huldah R. Skinner, Samuel Skinner, Elizabeth Selden Hungerford, Marie Antoinette Hungerford, Culista Hungerford, Edward Codington Hungerford, Samuel Skinner Hungerford, Ellen Calista Hungerford, Robert Lewis Hungerford, Elizabeth Selden Hungerford, Ellen Culista Hungerford, Noah Skinner, Sarah Bigelow, Ruth Ackley, John Williams, Sarah Bigelow Skinner, Hanson Williams, Warren Ackley Skinner, Anne Day, Asahel Skinner, Jerusha Tracy, Henry Skinner, Huldah Riley Skinner, Robert Hungerford, Samuel Hungerford, Anna Gillette Skinner, Lewis Lawrence, Edward Codrington Hungerford, Anna Gilbert Daniels, Antoinette Lovice Hungerford, Robert Hungerford, Elisabeth Anna Hungerford, Alice M. Abbott, Robert Hungerford, Robert Abbott Hungerford, Constance Huldah Hungerford,Trumbull W. Cleaveland, Ruth Cleaveland, Edward Hungerford Cleaveland, Cornelia Williams Cleaveland, Faith Trumble Cleaveland, Robert Ira Hungerford, Robert Hansen Hungerford, Robert Hungerford, Huldah R. Skinner, Noah Skinner, Anna Gilbert, Edward C. Hungerford, Trumbull Williams Cleaveland, Elizabeth Anna Hungerford, Frederick B. Goodwin, Mary Alice Small, Robert Ira Hungerford, Elizabeth Hansen, Robert Hansen, and Roxxanne Stark.

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