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This is an autograph album that was owned by Charles Carter "Carter" Morgan (US8888 in the Surnames database). The pages of the autograph album and the autographs are presented in the order in which they are found in the album. A few signatures could not be identified.

There were some loose items inserted into the album. Those items are described last below after the Back Cover of the Autograph Album.

See the complete list of names with biographical information for each person by clicking here. Brief biographical descriptions accompany each person’s name in most cases.

The list below shows the names of all 46 individuals who signed the autographs. Some of the more noteworthy (but not all) have been highlighted in bold font. Some of the others, however, had illustrious careers.

Uncle Dudley
George Stewart McManus
André Dubord
Maurice Abbot
John Woodworth
Ralph Emerson
Ted Martin
Lester Wing (?)
R. Boardman
Annie Payson Call
Deane Willoughby
George M. Cohan
Rita Johnson
Lilly Pons
Sally Rand
Simone Simon
Fabien Sevitzky
Joseph Day
Catharine Hepburn
Laurene (?) Niblett (?)
Emma Cummings
Dorothy Henderson Winthrop
Veda Ann Borg
Maribel Y. Vinson
Willie Frick
George E. B. Hill
Sherman Mons (?) “Phoebe”
Roger F. Turner
M. Bernard Fox
Robin Lee
James L. Madden
Martyn Green
Suzanne Davis
Leslie (?) W. (?) Pana (?)
Derek Oldham
Sydney Granville
Darrell Fancourt
Robert Wilson
Ann Drummond-Grant
Marjorie Eyre
Evelyn Gardner
Brenda Bennett
Kathleen Naylor
Eddie Rickenbacker
Maurice Evans

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