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This is a one page, hand written letter dated 11 June 1975 from Evelyn Hungerford (Evelyn K. (Lemar) Hungerford, SH1037wife in the Surnames database). The letter is accompanied by one hand written page listing names as well as dates and places of birth, marriage and death.

Names in the letter and list include: Curtis Hungerford, Clyde Arthur Hungerford (SH1306 in the Surnames database), Joan Roblyer, Paul A, Hungerford, Diane Ingram, Sheryl Ann Hungerford, Mark Hungerford, Elizabeth Jensen, William M. Hungerford (William McKinley Hungerford SH1037), Evelyn K. Lemar, George Hungerford (George Henry Hungerford SH734), Caroline Secrest (Dorothy E. Caroline (Secrest) Hungerford SH734wife), William Lemar, and Bessie Dugan.

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