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This is a one page, hand written letter dated 8 June 1975 from Lela Hungerford (Lela E. (Hutton) Hungerford; reference SH1009wife in the Surnames database) to Stanley W. Hungerford. The letter is written on the reverse side of Stanley's letter of inquiry.

Lela refers Stanley to her niece, Mrs. Robert Little (Naoda Dee (Hungerford) Little; reference SH1010a in the Surnames database). Lela then mentions Mrs. Otis Hungerford (Maude Amelia Kautz, the mother of Mrs. Robert Little; reference SH1010wife in the Surnames database).

She mentions her son in California (but no name) and a daughter, Martha Smith (Martha Jane (Hungerford) Smith; reference SH1009a in the Surnames database). She says that her son recommended that Stanley contact Naoda. Lela reports that Martha has twin daughters, Lee and Ann, and another daughter Myra. She says that her son (Lloyd Hungerford; reference SH1287 in the Surnames database) has Timothy, Jo Anna, and Stephen.

Lela ends by mentioning Bob Hungerford and Paul Hungerford.

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