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Purchased via eBay on 22 Mar 2012 an appeal bond action of Asumset filed on 1 Sep 1823/John Boyer vs. Albin Shaw (and Richard Hungerford of Rush Co., IN) filed 25 Aug 1823. It states:

Know all men by these presents that we Albin Shaw of the county of Butler and State of Ohio and Richard Hungerford of the county of Rush and State of Indiana are held and firmly bound to John Boyer of the said county of Rush in the Sum of our hundred Dollars to the payment of which sum will and truly to be made to the said John Boyer we bind ourselves our heirs executors and Administrators firmly by these presence seaed with our seals this 26th day of August 1823. The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound Albin Shaw hath on this date appealed to the Rush Circuit Court from Judgement of James Walker Justice of the Peace for said county of Rush lately entered in favour of the said John Boyer in a certain action on Asumset before him commenced wherein John Boyer was plaintiff and Albin Shaw defendent and shall pay all legal costs which have accrued previous to such appeal Therefore should the said Albin Shaw pay the full amount of the debt Interest and cost which may accrue in the Circuit Court if Judgement be then given against him then the above obligation to be entirely void Otherwise to remain in full force and Virtue. Albin Shaw (Seal) Richard Hungerford (Seal) Taken Signed and Sealed in my presence and by me approved. James Walker, Justice of the Peace.

(Albin probably is either Richard's Father-in-law or son-in-law.)

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