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This is a one page, hand written letter dated 9 May 1975 from Lurline W. Hungerford to Stanley W. Hungerford. She mentions the following people in the letter: George Hungerford "my husband" (George L. Hungerford; reference SH2724 in the Surnames database), "my sister-in-law Mrs. William F. Brooks (reference US2714ahu2 in the Surnames database) ... the former Cleo Hungerford" (Cleo S. (Hungerford) Brooks; reference US2714a in the Surnames database), and "a cousin, Harold Hungerford."

Received 5 October 2015 from a family tree owner on Ancestry.com: Lurline was previously married to a man named Pierre Gaillard Sanders. With him, she had my grandmother, Annie Jean Sanders, so I am not related to George, just Lurline. George was my grandmother's step-father.

Received 6 October 2015 from the owner of that family tree: I knew her and her bird. The bird would yell out “Shut the damn door!” We called her “Little Grandma." She passed away when I was about 8 years old. Natalie.

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