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This document is comprised of five hand written pages simply listing names and dates. There is no cover letter, although the return address on the envelope makes it clear that the source was William G. Hungerford. The envelope is postmarked 29 July 1975.

This item is part of the collection of correspondence contributed to THFFI by Stanley W. Hungerford.

Names in these pages include: William Green Hungerford, Hazel Elizabeth Howard, Charles Hungerford, J. Vincent Hungerford, Donna L. Hungerford, William E. Hungerford, Gerald L. Hungerford, Mr. & Mrs. Otis Hungerford Naoda, Charles Emerson Hungerford, Lydia Hughes, Noah Hughes, Roy Hungerford, Audrey Hungerford, Cynthia Marinda McKown, Cora Hungerford, Lillie Hungerford, Mae Hungerford, Claude Hungerford, Leo Hungerford, William Green Hungerford, Paul B. Hungerford, Otis Hungerford, Sir Edward Hungerford, Edmund Hungerford, Margery Burnell, Edward Hungerford, Anne Grey, Robert Hungerford, Elinor Yorke, Rober Hungerford, Margaret Longe, Mary Long, Henry Long of Draycot, Walter Hungerford, Frances Cocke, Thomas Hungerford (SH1), Green Hungerford, Jeremima Richardson, Lemuel Hungerford, Sarah Stewart, Green Hungerford, Alice Willey, Edmund Hungerford, Clarrissa Grifeth, Mary Hungerford, Julian Hungerford, Clinton Hungerford, William Green Hungerford, John Hungerford, Olive Hungerford, Emiley Hungerford, Bradley Hungerford, Clarisey Hungerford, Julian Hungerford, William Henry Harrison, Clinton Hungerford, Melinda Evans, William Green Hungerford, Zilpha Jane, John Hungerford, Minerva Handy, Clarisey Hungerford, Nixon Evans, Emiley Hungerford, Allen Buckner, Bradley Hungerford, Anna Catherine Tate, Clinton Hungerford, Melinda Evars, James Hungerford, Charles Emerson Hungerford, and Julia Hungerford.

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