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This document is a copy of the Calendar of the Patent Rolls, 51 King Henry III through 46-47 King Henry III - Part II, A.D. 1266 through 1272.

It was first published in 1913 on behalf of the Public Record Office and reprinted by permission of the Controller of Her Britannic Majesty's Stationery Office, London.

This document is the Kraus Reprint, a division of Kraus-Thomson Organization Limited, Nendeln/Liechtenstein (1971).

The document does not mention any individuals by the name Hungerford but does have two references to Hungerford as follows:

Page 358
July 24, 1269 Westminster
Inspeximus and confirmation of a bond made at Westminster, 21 July, 53 Henry III, whereby Edmund the king's son acknowledges that he is bound to the queen in 1,000l. of which she acquitted him to Amice, conuntess of the isle, to whom he was bound in that amount for her part of the marriage of Avelina, his consort, and grants that she shall receive the same from the farms of the following towns during the following three years, to wit, from ... Hungerford 40 marks....

Page 515
Feb. 6, 1271 Westminster
Inspeximus and confirmation of a charter of Edmund, the king's son, granting to Richard de Fukeram, his knight, the manor of Ildesle and meadow in Hungerford, which came to Edmund by the death of Isabel sometime wife of Sir William Pigourel....

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