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This document is a copy of the Calendar of the Patent Rolls, King Henry III, A.D. 1258 through 1266.

It was first published in 1910 on behalf of the Public Record Office and reprinted by permission of the Controller of Her Britannic Majesty's Stationery Office, London.

This document is the Kraus Reprint, a division of Kraus-Thomson Organization Limited, Nendeln/Liechtenstein (1971).

There is only one mention of Hungerford in this document as follows at page 424:

May 16, 1365 Hereford.
Commitment, during pleasure, to Edward the king's son of the manors of Meleburn, Gunthorp, the soke of Ludham, Esingwand, Kingishae, Everle, Colingburn, Cumption, Sepwyk, Bere, Hungirford, [sic and Chauton....

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