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This document is a copy of the Calendar of the Close Rolls, 19 Henry III, A.D. 1234-1237. It was printed under the superintendence of the Deputy Keeper of the Records and published by authority of his Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department by Mackie and Co. Ltd., 2, Wine Office Court, Fleet Street, E.C. (1908).

There is only one entry mentioning Hungerford in Latin at page 446 as follows:

De prisonibus recipiendis. - Mandatum est viecomiti Berkes' quod Robertum Cocum et Agnetem de Rading' captos pro morte Radulfi de petresburg', quos ballivi Symonis de Monte Forti de Hungrefford' ei liberabunt, recipiat et salvo custodiat donee rex aliud inde preceperit Teste rege ut supra.

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