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This is a four page, hand written line of descent from Thomas Hungerford (reference SH1 in the Surnames database) to George Wilmont Hungerford (1902-1974; reference SH1218 in the Surnames database) provided by Doris Hungerford (Doris Daphne Dean (1907-1991); reference SH1218wife) to Stanley H. Hungerford on 21 July 1975. It was written by Doris Hungerford to Stanley W. Hungerford on 21 Jun 1975.

This document contains many dates of birth, marriage and death as well as a fair amount of biographical material.

This item was contributed to THFFI by Stanley W. Hungerford from his collection of correspondence and other materials.

Names in this document include: Capt. Thomas Hungerford who married fist Navine Moody and second Elizabeth Tuttle, Zenas Hungerford, Flavel Hungerford, Sheat Hungerford, Sheldon Hungerford, Elexandra (Alexandra?) Grandison Hungerford, Chloe Hungerford, Sabra Hungerford, Almira Hungerford, Naomi Hungerford, Evets Hungerford, Elizabeth Clifford, Mary Conde (Cande?), Sabra Chipman, Comfort Hungerford, Betsey Hungerfod, Carlos C. Hungerford, Julia Hungerford, Carlos Cande Hungerford, Rhoda Blakeslee, Susan Freelove Woodruff, Mary Hungerford, George Frederick HUngerford, Rhoda B. Hungerford, Henry C. Scott, Angelina C. Dains, Charles F. Hungerford, Alice M. Hungerford, William Carlos Hungerford, Rhoda A. Hungerford, George H. Hungerford, James A. Paul, Lena Paul, Carrie L. Scott, Seabury Scott Hungerford, Florence Irene Weaving, Eunice Irene Hungerford, Florence Audrey Hungerford, John A. Walker, James Donald Walker, Cornelia May Walker, Ida Marie Boentgen, Carlos Woodruff Hungerford, and Alice Variell Hungerford among others.

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