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This is entitled "Separate Answer of Aaron Hungerford" filed December 16, 1841. The handwriting is a challenge to read and comprehending the dialogue is further hampered by the legalese used throughout the document. Aaron Hungerford (SH182) states he is indebted to Josiah Barber for the sum of nearly 190 dollars in the form of a mortgage deed due on the first of January next. Aaron describes his acreage as Lot No. 29 in Leroy township surrounded by lands owned by Josiah Hungerford (presumably his father). Mention is also made of owning Lot No. 28 in Leroy township--which is township #10--and states that it is bounded by lands owned by Nathan Chappell East, West and South but purchased 50 acres from Abner Hungerford (it starts to state "brother" but the partial word is lined out) to the North. Another Hungerford family member mentioned in this document is his brother Lemuel.

The text is confusing but dates are mentioned. It seems the original paperwork was dated June 11, 1833 and the last payment came due (or shown) on the 11th of June 1836. [This must be another agreement for another parcel of land mentioned in the maze of scrawling pen scratching that passed for handwriting by the transcriber.]

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Submitted by Richard Hungerford at 9:26 AM on June 10, 2017.

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