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This document is a copy of a 20 Apr 1897 court decision in an appeal by the defendant, Orrin Hungerford (SH324), from a judgment of the Supreme Court of New York* in favor of the plaintiff Charity (Potter) Hungerford (SH324wife4), entered in the office of the clerk of the county of Jefferson on the 2d day of November, 1896, upon the report of a referee vacating and setting aside an agreement of separation made between the parties, who were husband and wife, on the 12th of October, 1892, and for costs. The court affirmed the decision of the lower court on 20 April 1897.

A copy of the 6 Feb 1900 decision in the appeal from that court decision also has been placed here in the Library.

*NOTE: The Supreme Court of New York is the trial level court in the New York Court system. It is not the highest court of appeal in the New York Court system.

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