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The pages separating the Old and New Testaments offer a spot for family birth, marriage and death notes. The bible was presented to "Mrs. William Hungerford," aka Nancy L. Nye on February 1, 1880. It contains some newspaper articles that were cut out detailing Mr. William Hungerford's passing and the tribute given to him by the New York State Grange and the East Lawn Cemetery Association. Written dates and locations for the births of the adults and their three children, marriage details for the parents, and death details for William and daughter Adell were noted. The five people mentioned are William Hungerford (SH430), Nancy Lucinda (Nye) Hungerford (US8466), Nye Hungerford (SH729), Adell Hungerford (SH430a), and Spencer Hungerford (SH730).

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Submitted by Richard Hungerford at 7:35 PM on June 6, 2017.

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