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This letter was penned by Orville Hungerford (SH90) 8 months before he died. His last project, the building of the railroad that would connect Watertown, New York with the tracks at Rome and then continue from Watertown up the St. Lawrence River, giving people in the area access to the eastern markets, was experiencing delays. This letter was written to William Constable Pierrepont, the man who would replace Orville as the president of the Watertown & Rome Railroad on April 10, 1851. Orville advises he just got back from a tour of "our lines" and discusses the delays in laying the track and how he plans to deal with it. He then mentions a Mr. Mattoon having reportedly sold his interests in the 4th & 5th divisions to Phelps and the contractor for the S. H. road has abandoned the concern.

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Submitted by Richard Hungerford at 4:24 PM on June 5, 2017.

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