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This document is comprised of:

(1) a one page, typewritten, single spaced cover letter dated 21 July 1975 from Alice Byerly Kauzlarich (reference US4197b in the Surnames database) to Stanley Hungerford;

(2) the business card of Alice Byerly Kauzlarich, Board Certified Genealogical Record Researcher;

(3) a family group sheet for Edmond Hungerford (1791 - 1851);

(4) a page with information about Green Hungerford (1765 - 1840), Allis Willey ((1769 - 1836), daughter of Jonathan), Rev. Bradley Hungerford (Methodist minister), Anna Tate, their children Charles H., Frank, and "boy died in infancy;" and

(5) the line of descent from Edmond Hungerford and Clarissa Griffith's second-born child, Julia Ann Hungerford to Alice Louise (Byerly) Kauzlarich).

This item was contributed to THFFI by Stanley W. Hungerford from his collection of correspondence and other materials.

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