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This is a nine page, double spaced, typewritten letter dated 3 June 1975 from Rollo Leander Hungerford (1903 - 1982); reference SH1220 in the Surnames database) to Stanley W. Hungerford. It shows the line of descent from Thomas Hungerford (reference SH1 in the Surnames database) down to Rollo Leander Hungerford and his children. The letter contains many dates and much biographical information. This letter is also found here under the Tab Correspondence and Heading Hungerford, Stanley Correspondence.

Names in this letter include: Evits Hungerford, Anna Peck, Rev. Charles Lyman Hungerford, Leander Grandison Hungerford, Janet Jones, Mehetable Treat, Jennell Andrus, Charles Edward Hungerford, Ida Adaliza Stone, Henry Edward Hungerford, Shirley Dare Serviss, Evits Charles Hungerford, Grace Louise Overbaugh, Charles Alden Hungerford, Barbara Lyon, Janice Ellen Hungerford, Douglas Hungerford, and Scott Donald Hungerford.

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