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Edward Hungerford (US495) was an authority on all things that had to do with railroads and wrote many books and articles. This letter is one of six found tucked inside the book he had just completed and signed for the recipient. Mary and several other women he mentions in the letters made up his staff for the book-writing and other ventures--it is believed. The letters are full of subtle flirting and exude warmth for the letter recipient. He tells her in this note she will always be Mary Shalling to him—her maiden name—but he would like to meet her husband. Tells her he is (presumably on a train) passing through Utah from Los Angeles. Tells about his activity in California. Refers to a bum leg. Tells her the book is hers for the price of meeting for lunch. Numerous other quips can be found amongst his lines including a bit of wisdom from his mother about never talking about girls to a girl. Which he admits he is violating in this letter!

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