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This document is comprised of six pages of hand written entries showing the line of descent from Emanuel Hungerford (1785 - 1872; reference IR32 in the Surnames database) and Catherine Loane (reference IR32 in the Surnames database) to Beatrice Henrietta Hungerford (1889 - 1975; reference IR78f in the Surnames database) along with Hubert Reginald Hungerford (1890 - 1967; reference IR143 in the Surnames database) and Francis Edward "Ted" Hungerford (1893 - 1962; reference IR144 in the Surnames database).

This item was contributed to THFFI by Stanley W. Hungerford from his collection of correspondence and other materials.

Names in this document include: John Becher Hungerford, Francis Blick, Robert Richard Hungerford, Emanuel Becher Hungerford, Ellen Henrietta Blick, William Moore Hungerford, Henry Hungerford, Thomas Edward Hungerford, Rev. Septumus Hungerford, Eliza Sophia Pitcher, Ann Loane, Rev. Robert Chapman, Percy Payne Hungerford, Emily Smith, Catherine (Kate) Hungerford, Edward Swire, John Becher Hungerford, Sara Ann Hungerford, John Becher Hungerford, Turnbull, William Pen Blick Hungerford, Amilia (Emilia?) Darby, Ada Hungerford, Emanuel Becher Hungerford, Henry Hungerford, Molly Hungerford, Stephen Hungerford, Bertha Blackland, Percy Winsor Hungerford, Dorothy Baker, George Pen Loane Hungerford, Emanual Becher Hungerford, Henry Hungerford, Mary Baker, and Brian Hungerford.

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