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This document is comprised of three pages of hand written, single spaced lines showing the line of descent from Baron Walter Hungerford (reference EN8 in the Surnames database) and through Lady Mary Hungerford (reference EN41 in the Surnames database) to Henry Spencer (reference EN754husb1 in the Surnames database) and Dorothy Sidney (reference EN754 in the Surnames database). The line of descent skips the generations between Baron Walter Hungerford and Lady Mary Hungerford but contains references to numerous other (apparently intervening) Hungerfords.

This document has a significant amount of notes regarding the Hungerford Heraldic Achievement as it pertained to various members of the Hungerford line.

This line of descent, ending with Henry Spencer, does not provide the intervening generations down to Lady Diana Frances Spencer (reference EN799 in the Surnames database).

This item was contributed to THFFI by Stanley W. Hungerford from his collection of correspondence and other materials.

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