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This is a one page hand written letter from Regine C. (Bender) (Mrs. Dale) Hungerford to Stanley dated 27 December 1975. She tells Stanley that her husband is Dale Frederick Hungerford, son of Nelson and Freda Hungerford. She says that her name is Regine C. Hungerford, maiden name Bender. They were married in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Dale's siblings are Gerald Hungerford, Wayne Hungerford, Nancy (Hungerford) Lewis, and Joanne (Hungerford) Windle. Their son is Steven Dale Hungerford (born in Flint, Michigan) and daughter is Shirley Lynn (Hungerford) McGowan (married to Scott McGowan) born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Their adopted son from Korea is Andrew Dale McGowan.

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