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This is a three page hand written letter from E. T. Hungerford (Mrs. H. Haydn (Elsie T.) Hungerford) to Stanley. Actually, it is less a letter and more of a list of names and remarks.

Names include: Becher Hungerford, Mary Elizabeth Haden Churchill, Dr. Harry, Esther Wilcox, Helen Churchill, Elizabeth Grace, David Hillman, John L. Poutiere, Jr., Edward Michael, Ann Dukes, John Dukes, David Meck, Jane George, Helvi E. Riley, Bryant Cunningham, Marijon Farabee, Haydn, Farleigh, Dr. John C. Rozier, John Theodore, Melanie Ann, Charlotte Hungerford Gibson, Eliza Robinson, Nathaniel, Betty Jean, Roberta Jean, Henry Bernard "Barney," Hannah Avis, Olga Nugent, Mabel Rennebaum, and Churchill.

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