The Foundation anticipates compiling a database of illnesses and causes of death reflected in death certificates and other records pertaining to Hungerfords and associated family names.

The expectation is that compilation of a large set of data likely will show patterns pointing to medical conditions that Members may want to investigate as medical risks affecting their own health.

The Foundation is soliciting expressions of interest from Members who could volunteer their time in the compilation of those records into the database.

Full Name Cause of Death Date of Death
Gascoyne-Cecil, Richard Hugh Vere Accident (also reported to be KIA) 12 Aug 1944
Hungerford, Caroline Eveleen Maude Accident 5 Jan 1947
Juriaz, Frances Accident 19 Mar 1973
Ward, Randy Lee Accident 29 Jun 2013
Weld, Florence Ella Accident 1 Sep 1883
Sears, Angeline Accident 4 Aug 1813
Simmons, Llewellyn Edwin Accident 3 Sep 1953
Mangler, George Friederich Christ Accident 22 Sep 1901
Adlam, Daphne Rose Accident 16 Dec 1928
Williams-Wynn, Watkin Accident 18 Jan 1946
Charteris, Iain David Accident 1954
Hotham, John Francis Accident 1944
Haddon, Joseph Richard Accident 1994
Pym, Alexander Michael Francis Accident 1995
Arkwright, William Peter Bertram Accident 1962
Hamilton-Russell, Sara Emma Accident 1989
Howard, Frederick George Accident 18 Nov 1834
Howard, Constance Ankaret Accident 3 Sep 1964
Arthur, Oswald Raynor Accident 4 Dec 1973
Bagot, Louisa Accident 18 May 1942
Philipps, William Speke Accident 5 Sep 1975
Seymour, Elizabeth Cynthia Accident 9 Jun 1954
Payne, Deamus B. Accident Dec 1917
Colebrooke, Bridget Accident 27 Jan 1975
Boyle, Edmund Charles Percy Accident 7 Jul 1975
Shawcross, Simon Anthony Accident 25 May 1959
Wallace, Falconer Lewis Accident 21 Oct 1944
Mayall, Robert George Lees Accident 22 Jul 2015
Brabazon, Geoffrey William Accident 23 Nov 1998
Bates, Sarah Rose Accident 5 Mar 1977

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