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The Foundation anticipates compiling a database of illnesses and causes of death reflected in death certificates and other records pertaining to Hungerfords and associated family names.

The expectation is that compilation of a large set of data likely will show patterns pointing to medical conditions that Members may want to investigate as medical risks affecting their own health.

The Foundation is soliciting expressions of interest from Members who could volunteer their time in the compilation of those records into the database.

Full Name Cause of Death Date of Death
Quigley, Barbara Jane Underlying cause was cancer in the lungs 24 Sep 2007
Hungerford, Annie Taylor Ulcer of stomach 17 Apr 1917
Bates, Olive Typhus Fever 16 Sep 1845
Unknown, Ann Typhus Fever 24 Sep 1864
Loane, Frederick Dunsterville Typhus fever 6 Apr 1878
Hungerford, Claire Alice Typhoid-pneumonia 10 Jun 1918
Van Deusen, Byron C. Typhoid Pneumonia 17 Nov 1920
Hungerford, Selma Elsie Typhoid Pneumonia 21 May 1917
Montague, George Allen Typhoid Malaria 12 Sep 1901
Kellogg, Walter Hungerford Typhoid Fever with hemorrhage from bowels 19 Aug 1921
Cone, Erastus Dewey Typhoid fever complicated with pneumonia 24 Nov 1881
Hungerford, Charles Ernest Typhoid fever and pneumonia 5 Dec 1909
Antis, Mabel typhoid fever and paralysis of the bowels 20 Dec 1905
Hungerford, Amanda Typhoid fever 26 Feb 1847/1849
Stalker, Hannah Typhoid fever 19 Apr 1875
Low, Levina Typhoid Fever Nov 1909
Hungerford, Robert Typhoid Fever 22 Sep 1888
Hanchett, Elsie Ross Typhoid Fever 13 Oct 1896
Hungerford, Morgan D. Typhoid Fever 9 Aug 1894
Hamilton, Margaret Wolfe Typhoid Fever 24 Jan 1897
Macarthur, Charles Walter William Typhoid Fever 30 Jun 1882
Hungerford, Laura Kilborn Typhoid Fever 5 Dec 1870
Hungerford, John E. Typhoid Fever 5 Feb 1914
Hungerford, Orlie S. Typhoid fever 26 Feb 1890
Hussey, William John Typhoid Fever 23 Nov 1897
Hungerford, Lelia Typhoid Fever 31 Jan 1913
King, Sarah Jane Typhoid Fever 16 Jul 1888
Chapman, Fred Hungerford Typhoid Fever 28 Jan 1905
Gilmore, William Edgar Typhoid fever 15 Feb 1918
Hungerford, Willard F. Typhoid Fever Jan 1870

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