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ID Name Location Creation Termination
THG133 Hungerford Road
THG135 Hungerford Road
THG136 Hungerford Road
THG137 Hungerford Road
THG138 Hungerford Road
THG139 Hungerford Road
THG140 Hungerford Road
THG145 Hungerford Loop Road
THG77 Mt. Hungerford Road
THG143 Vaughn Hungerford West Carroll HS Scholarship
THG71 Hungerford School
THG13 Hungerford Elementary School 2009
THG17 Richard H. Hungerford School
THG30 Schooner Capt. Hungerford Schooner Capt. Hungerford
THG160 Schooner S G Hungerford Schooner S G Hungerford 1874
THG7 Schooner S. D. Hungerford Schooner S. D. Hungerford Nov 1883
THG88 Schooner W. W. Hungerford Schooner W. W. Hungerford 19 Jan 1890
THG23 Ship - Lord Hungerford Ship - Lord Hungerford 1 Jun 1861
THG166 Snowy Owl named Hungerford
THG41 Hungerford Stairs
THG61 Hungerford Street
THG54 Hungerford Street
THG74 Hungerford Street
THG94 Hungerford Street
THG95 Hungerford Street
THG96 Hungerford Street
THG97 Hungerford Street
THG98 Hungerford Street
THG99 Hungerford Street
THG101 Hungerford Street

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