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The Foundation anticipates compiling a database of illnesses and causes of death reflected in death certificates and other records pertaining to Hungerfords and associated family names.

The expectation is that compilation of a large set of data likely will show patterns pointing to medical conditions that Members may want to investigate as medical risks affecting their own health.

The Foundation is soliciting expressions of interest from Members who could volunteer their time in the compilation of those records into the database.

Full Name Cause of Death Date of Death
Sybella Frances Hungerford Chronic myocarditis (Heart disease) 4 Aug 1956
Sybella Leaman White Pneumonia with heart trouble contributing 19 Jan 1895
Sydney Forman Hungerford diptheria 30 Aug 1881
Tabor W. Hungerford Heart failure 19 Dec 1924
Terry Richard Adams Murdered by drowing 10 Sep 1964
Theodore Elmer Reynolds Natural causes 26 Jan 2004
Thomas A. Johnson Apoplexy/Stroke 4 Oct 1931
Thomas Atkins Pneumonia 5 Apr 1848
Thomas B. Reese pulmonary tuberculosis 20 May 1910
Thomas Beddoe Hungerford Cancer 27 Jun 1969
Thomas Christopher Hungerford High blood pressure (from the effects of foreign service) 4 Dec 1938
Thomas Craig Clay Auto accident. 27 Jan 2004
Thomas Danton Hungerford Pneumonia and pleurisy caused by exposure 12 Jan 1898
Thomas Deal Mendenhall Shot down in a helicopter. 18 Apr 1967
Thomas Edward Hungerford Cerebral Hemorrhage 26 Oct 1916
Thomas Henry Simmons Suicide by gun 23 Dec 1935
Thomas Hungerford Influenza and congestion 29 Apr 1870
Thomas Hungerford Drawn and quartered for treason 18 Jan 1469
Thomas Hungerford Palsy 23 Sep 1893
Thomas Hungerford Lobar pneumonia 7 Nov 1917
Thomas Hungerford Murdered ABT 1820
Thomas Hungerford Barton Killed in Action 23 Oct 1942
Thomas M. Jewett Paralysis 17 Aug 1898
Thomas Nisbet Lee Phthisis 21 Jul 1878
Thomas R. Hungerford Skirmish in the Civil War 2 Feb 1864
Thomas Rockwell Hungerford Cerebral hemorrhage with arterio sclerosis 21 Apr 1909
Thomas Washington Hungerford Cancer 3 Sep 1923
Timothy M. Ragole Cancer 6 Mar 2018
Todd Smyth Work accident 16 Feb 2008
Townsend James William Hungerford Dysentery 6 Dec 1859

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