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ID First Name Last Name Death
CMP27 Hungerford Motors
CMP26 Hungerford Nurseries
CMP72 Hungerford - Buick - Opel
CMP13 Hungerford & Peglar 23 May 1903
CMP10 Hungerford Plastics
CMP15 Bill Hungerford Pontiac Co.
CMP84 Hungerford Press
CMP55 Hungerford Properties Properties
CMP64 Hungerford Publishing
CMP12 R. A. Hungerford Wholesale and Retail Stationer
CMP59 S. Hungerford & Bro.
CMP29 Hungerford Genealogical Services
CMP71 Hungerford's Pump Services
CMP28 Hungerford General Services, Inc.
CMP91 Silverthorn & Hungerford
CMP8 J. Hungerford Smith Co.
CMP73 The Hungerford & Associated Families Society, Inc.
CMP88 C. A. Hungerford & Son
CMP85 J. A. Hungerford & Sons
CMP38 Hungerford's Grocery and Provision Store
CMP18 Hungerford & Terry, Inc.
CMP95 The Hungerford & Darrell Advertising Agency

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