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ID Event Date of inception Location Founder/sponsor
EVNT28 Hungerford Family Reunion 20 Sep 1942 Rushville, Rush, Indiana, USA
EVNT38 Hungerford Family Reunion 18 Jun 1993
EVNT39 Hungerford Family Reunion 5 Aug 1962 Long Lake Twp., Grand Traverse, Michigan, USA
EVNT40 Hungerford Family Reunion 7 Jul 1963 Mt. Pleasant, Isabella, Michigan, USA
EVNT41 Hungerford Family Reunion 11 Jul 1965 Crystal Lake, Benzie, Michigan, USA
EVNT42 Hungerford Family Reunion 10 Aug 1930 Lansing, Ingham, Michigan, USA
EVNT43 Hungerford Family Reunion 9 Jul 1961 ,, Michigan, USA
EVNT18 John Calahan Family Reunion 24 Jul 1921 Manilla, Rush, Indiana, USA
EVNT25 Kellam Family Reunion 26 Jun 1966 Shelbyville, Shelby, Indiana, USA
EVNT22 Richard Jackson Cousins Reunion 10 Dec 1971 Rushville, Rush, Indiana, USA
EVNT15 Rush Count., Indiana Hungerford Reunion 16 Sep 1956 Rushville, Rush, Indiana, USA
EVNT14 Rush County, Indiana Hungerford Family Reunion 3 Sep 1967 Rushville, Rush, Indiana, USA
EVNT37 The A. B. Gore Family Reunion 31 Dec 1950 Springville, Utah, Utah, USA
EVNT7 The Dunham and Hungerford Family Reunion 27 Aug 1927 Metz, Steuben, Indiana, USA
EVNT10 The Dunham Family Reunion 31 Aug 1893 York Twp., Steuben, Indiana, USA
EVNT8 The Hungerford Family Reunion BEF 28 Sep 1903 Shelbyville, Shelby, Indiana, USA
EVNT17 The Hungerford Family Reunion 19 Sep 1948 Rushville, Rush, Indiana, USA
EVNT11 The Wolf Family Reunion 15 Jun 1935 Fulton, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
EVNT47 Sperry Family Reunion 10 Jul 1976 Logan, Cache, Utah, USA
EVNT12 The Battle of Agincourt 25 Oct 1415 Agincourt, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

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